At Oasis, the quality of our replacement doors and windows we supply across Sussex from Battle to Bexhill is very high. That means that condensation, which happens when warm, moist air meets cooler surfaces such as glass, and the air condenses because it is unable to contain so much moisture, is rarely an issue.
Nonetheless, there are things you can do to reduce moisture in a home, in a conservatory as well as the main building, and these are basic good practice measures which will always benefit the property:
No choice but to dry clothes indoors? Try and keep windows and doors open in these areas. If you’re using tumble driers or washing machines, make sure they’re properly vented. Did you know just a single load of laundry can emit two whole litres of water into the air?
If you’re having a bath or shower, or boiling a kettle, allowing steam into cooler rooms will mean condensation begins to form. Use extractor fans or open windows.
Covering pans with lids when cooking will also minimise moisture. Install and use extractor fans and open windows as well, and keep fans on and windows open for up to 20 minutes to clear the air.
Keeping your home warm enough will also help maintain the internal temperature of surfaces in your home, reducing the probability of condensation.
Open windows a little wider if you can in rooms you use most regularly. This will also help ventilation.
Things like loft insulation, draft proofing and double glazing can also pay dividends when it comes to reducing how much heat is lost, and keeping the temperature of the interior surfaces high.
Have trickle vents fitted to the tops of all window frames, and keep the heating turned up in bedrooms, so that there’s an even temperature throughout your home.
If you have any particular concerns about condensation, which can be an issue particularly in coastal areas like Eastbourne and Hastings, talk to us. We’ll be more than happy to have a chat about how you can improve matters in your property when we come to see you for a free, no-obligation quote.