At Oasis Windows, as well as supplying conservatories and orangeries across Hailsham, Hastings and further afield across Sussex, we sell a wide range of high quality doors, including patio, French and bifold models.
And if you buy one of our doors, you may well feel tempted to fit it yourself, especially if you consider yourself to be pretty experienced and competent in DIY.
Let us count the ways in which this may not be such a great idea:
DIY competence is not enough
If you’re used to doing work around the house, you may well be able to get the door straight, especially if you’re no stranger to a spirit level or screwdriver. However, that’s simply not enough. When it comes to fitting doors, nothing less than absolute perfection will get your door airtight. And a door that’s not airtight can potentially have serious implications for both the energy efficiency and security of your home.
Moving the door
Something you may not have considered is how surprisingly tricky it can be to move a door from wherever you’ve bought it to where it is to be fitted. Don’t run the risk of denting your door in transportation, or scratching it, by transporting it yourself.
Damage limitation
Remember that you’ll have to replace the existing frame without damaging your wall. Ideally, the frame will be cut at intervals so that one small piece at a time is removed. It’s a tricky job, and you need to be sure before you start that you have the confidence and expertise to do the job.
No guarantees
If you fit a door yourself, should anything go wrong, you will have to do the whole thing again. Use Oasis Windows and benefit from a 10-year guarantee of quality from a reputable, professional company.
Finally, with a company like Oasis, we guarantee compliance with all legal requirements.
Essentially, if your DIY door fitting goes smoothly, that’s great. But if there are any hitches at all, it can be a real headache. Some jobs really are generally best left to professionals.