Soffits and Fascias


A premium quality product


At Oasis Windows and Doors Ltd, we install a comprehensive line-up of cover board and replacement fascias from SUMMIT, both in white and a range of other shades.

While not all products are available in all colours, the wood grain colours include rosewood, Irish or light oak, black, cream, white, mahogany or foiled gale grey. The latter is also available on cladding, window trims and architraves, as modern grey wood-grain PVC-u windows become increasingly popular.

Here’s what’s available:

20mm Fascias

These sturdy white models, available in sizes from 150mm to 405mm, make great replacements for classic thick wooden board.

16mm Square Fascias

These sought-after replacement fascia boards don’t need a wooden backing board.

Extruded profiles are available in standard white, with a range of foiled wood grain colours also on offer including black, cream, Irish oak, light oak, white, mahogany, rosewood and anthracite grey – though not all products are sold in all colours.

Available in sizes from 150mm to 405mm.

16mm Ogee Fascias

Available in smart standard white, this contemporary, elegant full-replacement fascia is known as ‘Taurus’ to carpenters. But whatever you call it, it’s a popular product, particularly where the detailing can be observed from the ground, for example on bungalows. Comes in sizes from 150mm to 405mm.

16mm Bullnose Fascias

This classically styled fascia has a deep bullnose lower edge. Available in white, in sizes ranging from 150mm to 455m.

16mm Flat Fascias

A replacement fascia board with a soffit retaining slot, but without a return leg. The perfect product for flat roofs and open eave applications. Available in white in sizes from 150mm to 250mm.

7mm Fascias

These Ogee and Square cover boards are designed to be highly economical. Come with matching joints and corners.

9mm Fascias

A truly versatile board mainly used as a cover board for sound wooden fascias, but it also makes a great window reveal liner or window board. Also comes as an Ogee board with rear face ribs which let moisture evaporate from the supporting wooden fascia’s surface.


In a ‘cold roof’ construction, insulation is placed between the ceiling joists, so that everything above it, such as the rafters, is cooler than the living area, while everything below the insulation is as warm as the living space. In these situations, the roof void must be properly ventilated, as outlined in the building regulations.

Soffits help, and the range we fit includes flat boards and hollow soffits.

Here’s the great line-up of products we have access to:

9mm Flat Board Soffits

In a variety of matching trims, these solutions provide a clean-looking finish. We install a comprehensive choice of soffit boards and all-purpose cellular PVC-u boards in white or a varied colour palette from cream to mahogany, anthracite grey, light oak, rosewood, black and more. Sizes range from 100mm to 405mm.

Hollow Soffits

Practical, economical and popular, this board can be mounted along the soffit’s full length, but is more commonly made into shorter lengths for mounting across the depth of the soffit to create an interesting detail. Available in the new shade anthracite grey (300mm) as well as 300mm white, mahogany, light oak, black and rosewood. White is also available in a 100mm size.

9mm Vented Soffits (25mm gap)

Available in white, these 300mm and 405mm boards are ideal for roof pitches below 15 deg, particularly flat roofs. They come with a double row of slots allowing air to flow through the roof void at the equivalent rate of a 25mm continuous gap.

9mm Vented Soffits (10mm gap)

These soffits let air flow in and out of the roof void at the equivalent rate of a 10mm continuous gap, as outlined in the building regulations. They’re suited to roofs whose pitch is greater than 15 deg. Available in sizes between 150mm and 405mm in colours including black, white, light oak, rosewood, mahogany and, subject to a minimum order from our supplier, a new anthracite grey shade.


When it comes to guttering products, you can’t afford to mess around. You need something that’s practical, robust and durable with strong joint sealing that’s easily clipped in place. The products we fit from Kayflow tick all these boxes and more, and now include traditional cast-iron effect solutions, available as Ogee and Round models. Additionally, we install a new and extensive line-up of adapters for gutters in all Kayflow colours.

Here’s a summary of the comprehensive range we work with:


Classic semi-circular shape for smaller homes.


Excellently deigned and able to drain bigger roofs.


Again, one for larger roofs – a stylish, high-capacity product.


For times when you need a traditional round solution, but with a greater flow capacity.

Deep anthracite grey system

A new shade and the perfect match for windows, fascias and doors in the same colour scheme (RAL7016). Takes a 68mm downpipe, test flowrate is 1.8 litres a second.


A new, very tough system which carries ten times more liquid than a standard round version. A single fascia bracket can support more than 120kg, and this product comes with positively fixed unions and angles.

Square Downpipe & Fittings

A classic 65mm square downpipe, complete with the full line-up of fittings, this item can be used with the Ogee and Square guttering solutions.

Round Downpipe & Fittings

As with the square version, this 68mm downpipe cones with a complete fittings range. Use with Round, Deep, Square and Ogee guttering solutions.

Cast Effect Ogee

A complete square downpipe and guttering solution in black, with a rugged cast-iron effect coating. Downpipe fittings are specially moulded to copy classic cast-iron solutions.

Cast Effect Round

Complete guttering and round downpipe solution in black, with a rugged cast-iron effect coating. Downpipe fittings are specially moulded to copy classic cast-iron solutions.