You walk through them and open and close them daily without giving them much thought. Yet, for many reasons, doors are incredibly important to your home.

Your front door, for example, is your portal to home and hearth, the threshold between your home and the outside world, and has a significant impact on your property’s overall look and feel. Meanwhile patio doors can be effective in reducing the barrier between the house and your garden.

When viewing a property, the eye is naturally drawn to the front door before the paint colour, architectural style or landscaping of the property are observed.

And while your front door may not sell your home by itself, it will certainly make a difference. Even if you’re not contemplating selling up right now, a high-quality door is a great investment that will add lasting value to your home so that, when the time does come, there’s the potential for a higher asking price.

While welcoming guests inside, good exterior doors keep unwelcome visitors out. These portals are more commonly used by intruders than you may have realised, and a shoddy, worn-out one is essentially an open invitation to thieves.

In contrast, a strong, solid door is a powerful deterrent that gives the clear impression that the whole of your home is carefully secured and protected.

Additionally, it’s clearly important that you invest in the best locking systems you can afford.

A thermally efficient, properly fitted front door is also a good weapon against the worst of the British winter. The right model helps to reduce heat loss from a key area of your home.

Indeed, the government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) advises that insulated doors are among the most cost-effective, energy-saving home improvements householders can make.

Doors are now tested for their energy efficiency, and given a simple A-G rating. A high-performance insulated door will have a minimum energy rating of C or above. Your door’s rating is affected by its glazing content.

Meanwhile, the U-value of a door is a measurement of its energy efficiency, and the lower the value, the more energy efficient it will be.

Current legislation requires all new doors sold and fitted in England and Wales to have a U-value of 1.8W/m2K.

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