You see them and through them every day, often without really thinking about it, so it can be easy to forget the importance of windows to your home.

But they are more than just something you look out of. Windows play a larger role than you may have realised in evaluating a property’s worth, and in the all-important initial impressions created when someone sees your home for the first time. They’re a significant contributing factor to your home’s overall appearance, and to what estate agents like to call ‘kerb appeal’ – or the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when seen from the street.

Made-to-measure windows help stop annoying drafts completely, since the technology used in modern solutions is designed to keep cold air out and warm air in.

So the importance of glazing in thermal efficiency and insulation cannot be over-estimated, and having the right windows makes a real difference to your annual energy bills.

Then there’s the sound insulation which the best-performing windows provide. If you live under a flight path, or near busy traffic or particularly noisy neighbours, window are crucial in keeping unwelcome sounds at bay.

And let’s not forget how important windows are in terms of the security of your home, something which most of us value highly. If yours rattle or shake in their frames, they can easily be jemmied open by a potential intruder.

While the 2017 Crime Survey for England and Wales found out that households are now four times less likely to be burgled than in 1995, unfortunately that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen to you. So it definitely pays to have the best possible locking systems on your windows.

You yourself however, need to be able to open them easily, whether you’re quickly ventilating the kitchen or bathroom or calling out to someone in the garden.

At Oasis Windows and Doors Ltd, we offer a wide range of high-quality window solutions in varying materials, and have built a strong, long-term relationship with our manufacturer, leading supplier The Whiteline Group.

Our products meet the Secured by Design standard for increased resistance to burglary or other intrusion, making our models incredibly safe.

We’re also FENSA-registered, and part of East Sussex County Council’s Buy with Confidence scheme. Talk to a member of the team today to learn more.