For many UK householders, the installation of double glazing is one key way to bring heating bills down.

You probably already appreciate that this type of window consists of two glass panes, separated by a layer of air. Single glazing has just the one sheet of glass and no layer of air.

There are many benefits to double glazing, including:

  • Improved insulation, since the warm air is kept in, making heating bills cheaper and causing fewer draughts.
  • You will hear a lot less noise coming in from outside, thanks to double glazing.
  • Your windows will mist up with condensation far less often.
  • Your home will be safer, since it’s a lot harder to break double glazing.

Of course, the one thing everyone always wants to know is how much money they will save. According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing all windows in a typical, gas-heated three-bed semi saves up to £100 a year with B-rated glass, or slightly more (up to £110 annually) with A-rated glass.

Some window manufacturers show their products’ energy efficiency with an energy-rating scale from A to G, with A as the top rating, based on heat retention properties. The British Fenestration Rating Council runs this scheme. Under building regulations, all new windows must be C-rated as a minimum.

Given that most double glazing will last on average for a good couple of decades, it’s a home improvement that will pay for itself, and save you more than £2,000 in all over 20 years.

Types of frames for double glazing

uPVC is the most commonly found window frame type when it comes to double glazing. This material is cost-effective, durable, recyclable and highly energy efficient. These low-maintenance frames also come in a good range of finishes and colours.

But timber or aluminium versions are also available, and your decision may be based on your property’s architectural style, and how old it is.

Is there an alternative?

In some cases, for instance if you live in a listed building, and can’t fit double glazing, secondary glazing may be an option. It essentially means fitting a second sheet of glass in your current windows. While double glazing proper will always be more effective, you should still save money on heating, and fitting secondary glazing should also be cheaper.

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