Generally, we like to do all our own measurements, and prefer to give quotes ourselves having been on site. That said, it’s no bad thing to understand the best way of measuring up a front door. This will not only give you an appreciation of how professionals like us work, but it will enable you to take some initial measurements yourself if necessary, and help with your early research.
We’re not suggesting you fit your front door yourself, however – it’s one of those jobs that are best left to the professionals.
First of all, check whether the door opens out to the left or right. Stand in the doorway with your back to the hinges. If the door is to your left, it’s a left-handed model, and if it’s on the right, a right-handed door.
Note, as well, whether your door swings open to the inside or outside.
Next, with a tape measure stretched evenly across the middle of the door, make a note of its width, focusing on the door itself rather than the opening in your wall.
To measure your door’s height, place your tape measure on the bottom of the door, running it as far as the top. Again, measure your door itself, and not the opening. Drop the tape measure under the sill and measure as far as the top. Measuring the hinge-side of the door gives you the figure you’re after.
To get the depth of your door, place your tape measure along the lock-side edge of the door, once again concentrating on the door itself and not the frame. Fittings and door surroundings can otherwise mean you get a less than accurate figure.
When doing both the width and height, it’s a good idea to get three measurements at the top, middle and bottom, so that you get the most accurate reading possible.
For easy fitting, there should be a 5mm gap around the total height and width of the opening where your new door will go.
But once you have three numbers for the height and width and depth of your door, you have all the information you need to start shopping for a brand new one.