April is National Home Improvement Month, and, to mark it, estate agents have been encouraging property owners to carry out work on their homes before they put them up for sale.

After all, it’s a time of year when thoughts may turn to moving, or, perhaps more probably in the current climate, enhancing your current abode.

Chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents Mark Hayward has described home improvements as ‘more important than ever’, explaining: “Faced with a tricky housing market, it’s more important than ever to update and maintain a property.

“Whether you need more space but are unable to afford a move, or whether you want to put your property on the market, you should definitely be making the most of what you have. Whether you’re on a budget or willing to spend, there are always great enhancements you can undertake which will make a real difference it terms of increasing the value of your home.”

Among the home improvements the NAEA suggests are creating an open plan living space, getting rid of overly ‘busy’ wallpaper and painting the front door.

Clearly a conservatory or orangery is another home improvement that could add a great deal to your home’s worth. The exact amount will depend quite a lot on the style and spec of the particular conservatory, but as a conservative estimate, you should add at least 5% on to the value of the house when the time comes to sell.

That’s a figure put forward by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), while estate agents such as Savills suggest a conservatory can boost a house price by as much as 10%.

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