The impact of this summer’s vote to leave the EU on the housing market remains uncertain.
Although property values are rising, the rate of increase is slowing, says Halifax. The lender also reports prices fell by 0.2% between July and August, although Nationwide, in contrast, reported a rise of 0.6% for the same period.
But while it could be a good time to improve your home rather than move, no one really understands the long-term impact of the referendum.
There’s also been research from Lloyds Bank suggesting that nearly three quarters of those not living in their ‘forever’ property believe it will take up to two more moves to get there.
But the research revealed that homeowners are increasingly optimistic about how long it will take them to upgrade to their ‘forever’ home.
Although 81% of homeowners questioned said they would have to wait longer to buy their long-term property than a decade ago, in 2012 the number who felt this way was 88%.
According to a separate study from Prime Location, two thirds of buyers would be prepared to make financial and lifestyle sacrifices to secure their perfect home.
So in recent years, the perception of speed of moving up the property ladder has improved.
The survey also revealed the wish-list for a desirable property, including numbers of bedrooms (three being the most popular choice). High up on the list of desirable features for a forever home was a conservatory.
New research from first direct reveals that around one in five (19%) view having a conservatory as a key feature of their dream home. What’s more, the overwhelming majority (98%) of those in their forever home spent an average further £20,000 improving it.
Whether you already have your forever home and want to make it absolutely perfect, or are looking to add a conservatory for when the time does come to sell, we at Oasis can help create the ideal extension for your budget and property so that you add solid value to your home, even in uncertain times.
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